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Flumserberg Adventure VillageHeidi’s house is put to the test

Heidi Village will be built in Sarganßerland. Now voters decide based on the building code.

Just a few kilometers from Heididorf in Maienfeld, another project is planned over the Walensee, where the Swiss cult figure should help stimulate tourism. The “Heidi Alberleibnis” aims to attract 200,000 visitors to Flumserberg every year. In addition to the “Alpine Experience” in the Molseralp, a hotel complex with up to 300 beds is planned. Today’s parking is in front of the Maschgenkammbahn, and the parking spaces will disappear in an underground parking lot A “meeting place” with restaurants and shops will be created, announces the local authority of Quarten.

Originally, 100 million francs were allocated to the tourism project. The Flumserberg Mountain Railway invested 32 million francs in the construction of a new cable car. Accordingly, the Executive Director of the Railways, Mr
Mountain ironman Heinrich Michel, behind the project: “It would be great if Flumserberg develops into a year-round destination.”

The planned project will boost summer tourism and will attract the same guest segment that the Flumserberg hotel already represents, says Michel: “families with children from the Zurich agglomeration.”


Opponents question Heidi

In order for the main project to be implemented as planned, building code foundations must be established. However, a referendum was called against a change in the subdistrict plan which was necessary for this: the brothers Anton and Walter Stoffel from Kwarten collected 266 signatures – thus the final say to the voters.

Photo with mountain railway and mountain range
Legend:View from Churfirsten: Many people know the Flumserberg region as a winter sports area.Keystone

Walter Stoffel says that he is not fundamentally opposed to the further development of tourism. Among other things, he is bothered by the idea of bringing tourists to Flumserberg with the Heidi Adventure Village: “Heidi is located both locally and internationally in Maienfeld. There is also the Bad Ragaz resort nearby. That’s enough.” There is no need for more competition.


After the vote, more obstacles await

If Quarterly voters vote to change the subdistrict plan on June 13, Heidi Village won’t be in the towel yet. After the initial rejection three years ago, the Mols alpine Corporation, among others, had to once again decide on the project and agree to make the land available. In addition, there are still no commitments from investors regarding Heidi Erlebniswelt and the resort.

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