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Coffee is a partner in time and space. Learn about its benefits

Dina DarwishTuesday, October 05, 2021 – 10:03 PM

It is said that Coffee is a partner of time, place, and people. Coffee is one of the most preferred, widespread, and diverse drinks throughout the world. Every country has its own rituals for drinking coffee, and the types of coffee and coffee itself vary from One region to another, but one of the most popular ways to drink coffee is adding milk to it.

In addition to the benefits of coffee itself, adding milk to it provides the following benefits, which is that it provides you with about 8 grams of carbohydrates by adding milk and sugar to it. These carbohydrates increase the energy content provided by a cup of coffee, and a cup of coffee that contains a quarter cup of milk provides A teaspoon of sugar is about 2.2 grams of protein. Protein helps build muscles and other body tissues. If you add a quarter cup of whole milk to your coffee, it will provide you with about 2 grams of dietary fat. Milk and sugar do not add any caffeine to your coffee. Coffee does not change its content, but it may reduce its effects, meaning it reduces its effectiveness on the body. Therefore, it is recommended to add milk to coffee when drinking it in the evening.

There is a wonderful antioxidant called polyphenols that is naturally present in coffee. A group of research has been conducted to study the effect of adding milk or creamer to coffee on the release of polyphenols from it. The results showed that adding milk to coffee had no effect on the release date of polyphenols or their effectiveness in the blood, while adding creamer or bleach delayed the release of polyphenols in the blood but did not affect the total amount that was delivered.

There are a number of points that you can pay attention to and take into account when thinking about drinking coffee with milk, which is that it is better not to add milk to coffee if you are on a weight loss diet to limit the number of calories, and it is good to add milk to coffee when drinking it in the evening, and add Milk to coffee if you suffer from acidity. There are some opinions that adding milk to coffee helps prevent esophageal cancer, so you can add it if you suffer from esophageal problems.

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